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Top Ten Tuesday (62): Top Ten Books Which Feature Characters That Live In The Best Places

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Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted at The Broke and The Bookish.  Each week a new top ten list is posted, and to participate all you have to do is fill in YOUR top ten for the list.

 Top Ten  Books Which Feature Characters Who 

We have all read a book that take amazing places or an entirely different world, I can'r be the only one that has thought: Why can't I live there? So I'm listing the characters that live in places I want lo live in or at least get to see.

1) Harry Potter: Yes I would love to live in Hogwarts but I wouldn't mind living in the UK either, this has actually been a particular dream of mine since I'm a kid.

2)Lyra Belaqua: Another character that lives in the Uk but she lives in an alternate version of London, I've always wanted to see what my Daemon would look like, if I get a choice I would love for it to be a tiger.

3)Eragon: He gets to live in Alagaësia, I definitely would prefer to live there during the Golden Age of the Dragonriders or after the end of the series and be a student in Eragons Dragon Rider school.

4)Celia Bowen: I would love to live in Le Cirque des Reves, travel the world and see what acts she and Marco come up with it.

5)Bertie Shakespeare Smith: Her home is the Théâtre Illuminata, a magical theatre where all the characters that are played are actually alive, imagine getting to yell at a character you hated or hug one you loved.

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Chrissi Reads on 28 de abril de 2015, 0:20 dijo...

I would absolutely love to visit Hogwarts. Such an amazing setting! Great list!

Cait on 28 de abril de 2015, 6:17 dijo...

I want a daemon so so badly...I don't even know what it'd look like?! Probably an annoying animal. Probably a squirrel or something. -_- BUT I DON'T CARE I WANT IT. And I definitely want to visit Hogwarts. Where was my letter..*stamps foot*
Here's my TTT!

Leia on 28 de abril de 2015, 7:49 dijo...

I'd love to live in the worlds of Harry Potter, Lyra (with the daemons) and in the world of the Women of the Otherworld series. Great topic pick! Here's mine:

Paulina on 28 de abril de 2015, 8:52 dijo...

Thanks! The closest thing I've gotten to Hogwarts it visisng the one in Orlando

Paulina on 28 de abril de 2015, 9:40 dijo...

I probably would get something like a hamster or something like a snake,I would really like a feline or a fox. As for a Hogwarts letter I did receive one, but it was made by my parents:)

Paulina on 28 de abril de 2015, 9:47 dijo...

There are many worlds I'd love to live in but as a supporting character:)

Lizzie the Sarcastic Blonde on 28 de abril de 2015, 13:01 dijo...

I'd love to go to Hogwarts! Who wouldn't want to go? Lyra's and Bertie's worlds are amazing. I'd love to see them!
Lizzie @

Jo Elliott dijo...

Who didn't want to visit Hogwarts when they read Harry Potter? Nice topic pick, here's mine:

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