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The Taylor Swift Tag

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Hello there Everyone!

So the other day I was procrastinating on Tumblr and I came across the "Taylor Swift Tag", it looked like fun so I'm giving it a shot. Here are my answers:

"We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together"

A Book You Were Pretty Sure You Were In Love With, But Then Wanted To Break Up With.

When it comes to  Allegiant I didn't hate how it ended, what I didn't like was the dual point of view, I seriously couldn't tell Tris and Four's voices apart.

Talon ugh, I really wanted to like it, I was sure I would since I'd love all the other books by the author but this one actually made Dragons Boring.


A Book with a red cover

I actually liked the Bloodline series more that the original Vampire Academy series.

"The Best Day"

A Book That Makes You Feel Nostalgic

I remember reading this in third grade and having to do an oral report on it, honestly I did read it but totally made up my report the day It was due.

"Love Story"

A Book With Forbidden Love 

What better forbidden love story when it's literally illegal to love? Lena falls in love twice and both times she risked being "cured" by the government.

"I knew you were trouble"

A Bad Character You Couldn't Help But Love

This one was easy, I choose the Darkling, he is an incredibly charismatic villain so much that by the third book I wanted Alina to fail and the Darkling to be victorious.


A Book That Someone Ruined The Ending For

This one wasn't exactly ruined by a person, it was ruined by the official blurb since it gave away the entire plot.

"Everything Has Changed"

Cassandra starts out as a naive girl Renaissance Venice, that like many thinks she is untouchable and that things like class difference can't touch her but by the third book she is more independent and thinks what's best for her instead of what feels good in the moment.

"You Belong With Me"

Most Anticipated Book Releases 

I didn't expect to like The Young Elites as much as I did, I'm pretty excited to see what happens next.

"Forever And Always"

Favorite Book Couples 

Although Roar and Liv were a secondary couple they stole my heart completely.

"Come Back Be Here"

A Book You Would Least Like to Lend Out, For Fear Of Missing It Too Much

I actually lent the Accursed Kings to my cousin once but I took it back when I noticed he wasn't reading it.

"Teardrops On My Guitar"

A Book That Made You Cry A Lot

I'm not really a crier and I've yet to find a book that makes me cry.

"Shake It Off"

A Book That You Love So Much, That You Shake Off The Haters

For some reason I've seen a lot of people hating on The Secret Garden, it will always be a childhood favorite to me.

"Welcome To New York"

Favorite Setting 

Hogwarts, I really love the idea of a school for wizards

"Today Was A Fairytale"

Favorite Retelling 

For Young Adult I would say the Lunar Chronicles and for Middle Grade I choose the Princess trilogy.

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