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Dissonance by Erica O'Rourke Review

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Title: Dissonance
Series: Dissonance #1
Author: Erica O'Rourke
Date Published: July 22nd 2014

Publisher: Simon & Schuster

Some decisions have unimaginable consequences.

Every time someone makes a choice, a new parallel world is spun off the existing one. Eating breakfast or skipping it, sneaking out instead of staying in bed—every decision creates an alternate universe in which an Echo self takes the road not travelled. As a Walker who can navigate between these realities, Del is training to help keep the dimensions in harmony.

When Del secretly starts to investigate other dissonant worlds, she get tangled up with an Echo of her longtime crush. She knows she shouldn't keep seeing him. But as Del persists, she uncovers a truth that the Council of Walkers is trying to hide—a secret that threatens the entire multiverse.

I didn't enjoy this book at all, the only reason I read it all was because the concept seemed interesting and I kept hoping it would get better. The thing is, it's hard to like a book when you don't like the main character and I absolutely couldn't stand Del; she reminded me of those classmates that were particularly good at school, they understood everything and for some reason they felt all the school rules didn't apply to them and they felt we should be grateful that we got the honor to be in their presence, that was Del for me. In the first few chapters of the book she almost gets herself and her sister killed because she broke the rules about tampering with parallel worlds, yeah she saved them but it wouldn't have been necessary if she'd followed a rule, one that had a very valid reason for existing; so after almost dying she goes on the typical everyone hates me. no one understands me just because of her parents are forced to report her rule breaking, I mean she just caused a whole parallel world to collapse and almost killed herself and her sister, how can her parents do this can't they see she's a some sort of prodigy?

All of the above happened in the first 10% of the book and you know why all of the above happened? Because the parallel universe version of the main characters crush happened to talk to her in this universe, so clearly everything went downhill from there.

Final Rating:

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Missie dijo...

Ugh, does sound like it could be cool - but I will not be reading this one any time soon
Missie @ A Flurry of Ponderings

Beth on 9 de abril de 2015, 0:41 dijo...

This sounds really similar to Claudia Gray's A Thousand Pieces of You, what with the whole parallel world thing, and I just can't seem to get into that either... Bleh. Disappointing books are the worst!
Beth x

Paulina on 11 de abril de 2015, 16:31 dijo...

I can't even bring myself to tell you to give it a chance,

Paulina on 11 de abril de 2015, 16:43 dijo...

Both books had similar concepts and different executions but sadly they both failed to deliver:(

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