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My Journal Collection

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If there is something I love as much as books it's journals, I love the pretty covers, the different types of paper and the thinking of all the things I'm going to fill it up with although I must admit that most of the time they sit on my shelf brand new for a long time because I'm scared to ruin them.

Here are my favorites:

1)My Art Journal: I use this one when I need to relax and unleash some creativity.
2) My "Keep Calm and Carry On" and my London Underground Map Journals: I got these for Christmas two years ago and I still haven't used them but I have plans to.
3)Two Parisian themed Journals that I got in the dollar section of my supermarket

My Everyday Journal is the notebook I use to document the events of my day and the thoughts I've had.
2)My blogging journal is used for any ideas I may have for my blog.

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