domingo, 18 de enero de 2015


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I've been having a little bit of wanderlust since I came back from my vacation from Pittsburgh, the thing is I'm no longer happy living in México City , it no longer fits the person that I am today or the person I want to be. Being in Pittsburgh it was so nice to be able to cross the street with being worried about some idiot running a red light and hitting me or not having to watch out for dog poop as I walk, so my new goal is to somehow move permanently to Pittsburgh, so I now have a long term goal!!

But before moving to Pittsburgh there is another place I want to visit.

Image taken from Pinterest

This picture describes perfectly how I feel right now, ever since I saw a documentary on Buckingham Palace when I was four it's been my dream to go to London so I either have to win the lottery or work my butt of so I can move to my dream home and visit my dream City

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