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Top Ten Tuesday (38)

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Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted at The Broke and The Bookish.  Each week a new top ten list is posted, and to participate all you have to do is fill in YOUR top ten for the list.

This week is Top Ten Characters I would Want On My Lunch Table

1) Fred and George Weasly

(Because in my mind nothing ever happened to Fred) I can just imagine all the hilarious things these two would come up with.

2)Roar from Under The Never Sky

Since he is an Aud in the books I think he would have an excellent taste in music and would be that friend that is always discovering new bands and showing them to you.

3)Wren from Fangirl

I like reading fan fiction, so Wren would be the friend I discussed fics with.

4)Anne Shirley

I always loved the vibe I got when I read her books so as a believer that you should surround yourself with positive people I would ask her to sit with me.

5)Sidney Sage

She's smart, loyal, responsible and the type of friend that would not let me lose track of my academic schedule.

6)Adrian Ivashkov

I honestly can't picture a scenario where Adrian doesn't sit in the same table as Sidney but I would also like his company.

7)Massie Block

Although I like to read I'm also a very vain person so I need someone to understand why I love picking out my clothes or why I get excited over a dress.

8)Rob stark

My boyfriend sometimes has to sit in the same table as me.

9)The Darkling

He would probably that friend that you like for some reason but your parents would love for you to stop being friends with.

10)My best friend Elena

Although she isn't a fictional character I can't think a universe that wouldn't have her eating lunch with me and she has inspired a character or two when have written something.

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akernelofnonsense on 2 de septiembre de 2014, 9:46 dijo...

I almost added Anne myself, but I feel that I might be at odds with her over one Gilbert Blythe.

Paulina Jiménez Goncen on 2 de septiembre de 2014, 10:50 dijo...

I didn't think about that . Ialso kind of like Gilbert.

Reviews from a Bookworm on 6 de septiembre de 2014, 11:51 dijo...

Great picks! I had Fred and George too, they would be so much fun to eat lunch with. Roar also made my list, he'd definitely get along well with the Weasley twins.

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