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Thursday Thoughts (4)

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Thursday Thoughts is an original, weekly meme created by Ok, Let's Read. The idea for this feature was brought about by several conversations I've had with bookish friends in my daily life. I noticed that not everyone has the same mindset about certain aspects of reading, books, and everything bookish and wanted to not only share my own opinions on things, but hear other people's feelings on topics that we might not feel the same way about.

Today I'm sharing my thoughts on Audiobooks.

I don't really  like audiobooks; the main reason beign that I live in Mexico so all audiobooks or at least the ones I've found are from Spain and the spanish they speak there is very different from the one I speak and I really dislike their accents, so I have nothing agains audiobooks but I don't buy/borrow them.

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Reviews from a Bookworm on 6 de septiembre de 2014, 10:28 dijo...

I have never listened to one before, and I don't really plan to any time soon. I just love reading the book myself, don't think listening to one would be as enjoyable.

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