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Thursday Thoughts (1)

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Thursday Thoughts is an original, weekly meme created by Ok, Let's Read. The idea for this feature was brought about by several conversations I've had with bookish friends in my daily life. I noticed that not everyone has the same mindset about certain aspects of reading, books, and everything bookish and wanted to not only share my own opinions on things, but hear other people's feelings on topics that we might not feel the same way about.

This was a very easy one; my favorite book store hands down is called Gandhi, although it’s a chain bookstore I can’t stay away. Here are the reasons:

   1)      It has a store five minutes away from my school; it’s also conveniently located in my favorite mall.

Here is a pic of the inside of the store. This location is a bit small but it's my favorite.
   2)      It has books on several languages, not just Spanish.

   3)      It has a loyalty card that with every purchase gives you back a percent of what you paid in store credit!

   4)      It has amazing discounts and deals, last December after spending $50 they gave me tickets to the Russian Ballet and on another occasions they give concert tickets.

   5)      Their amazing publicity campaigns, I’d post some but they only make sense in Spanish and if you live in Mexico City.

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Reviews from a Bookworm on 7 de agosto de 2014, 15:10 dijo...

What a brilliant name for a bookshop! I have never heard of it before, but I love the sound of it. I don't really have a favourite, I buy most of my books online. Here's my answer, it's all in the second half of the post! :)

Paulina Jiménez Goncen on 7 de agosto de 2014, 16:43 dijo...

If you're ever in Mexico don't forget to visit it.

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