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Monday Book Recommendations (6)

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Monday is the day I choose what new books I’m going to start reading but I have so many books in my To Read Pile that sometimes it’s hard to decide so I have decided that on Monday mornings I’ll recommend my some of favorite books.

Inkworld Series by Cornelia Funke

Inkheart (Inkworld #1)
Inkspell (Inkworld #2)
Inkdeath (Inkworld #3)

This is a quick rec since my laptop decided to die and I have to use my dad's computer.

I discovered this series thanks to my parents, they wanted to give me a book as a present but didn't know what to get me so they decided to listen to the bookstore employee and voila! I fell in love with this world. I won't give out many detail but I can tell you that the Main character can do something many readers probably wish they could do.

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