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Top Ten Tuesday (1)

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Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. This week features our top ten book turn offs, those things that make us dislike a book or that ruins a great book.
These are my turn offs:

1. Foreign character speaks his own language incorrectly: I hate it when a book has a character that came from another country, or that claims to speak a language like a native speaker but the author commits a basic grammar mistake. An example of this is Cassandra Clare in "City of Ashes" her character  Raphael Santiago, a Mexican vampire says "El no es muerto" this is what google translate will tell you if you want to know how to say he is dead; the correct way to say it is "El no está muerto". Spanish is my first language so I spot these mistakes easily and it bothers me that neither the author or the editor care to check these sort of mistakes, please do your research.

2. Cheaters. I don't think any of us would like if our boyfriend/girlfriend was out with a "friend" and that they are kissing this friend. Apparently a lot of main characters think it's ok to have a relationship but if they are suddenly they are attracted to someone new it's their god given right to kiss them on many occasions and their partners have no right to get angry since they no longer had any chemistry between them.

3.Rudeness and or Stubbornness as strength. I have nothing against strong female lead, I actually like them a lot but what I don't like is when authors describe their female characters as strong when they are just disrespectful. In the case of stubbornness it bothers me when the heroine doesn't argue when it's something important yet argues over the most stupid things; especially in dystopic novels where the heroine has lived a sheltered,  life  joins the rebellion but throws a tantrum when they make her go through a training and won't let her be in the physical fights.

4. Unpronounceable  names. Especially in the fantasy genre. Just because your book takes place in a magical world it doesn't mean you have to have a name the reader can't pronounce; why can't they be like  "Lord of the Rings" Frodo is a unique but pronounceable name.

5. Cliche's. Blonds are dumb, red heads are moody, popular girls are mean, tomboys rule, etc.

6.No parents. I believe that sometimes parents are not there, but even the most absent parent would notice if you left the country or if you were in a horrible accident and you were unconscious with third degree burns I'm quite sure the hospital would call them.

7.  Perfect main characters. No one can be so well liked, good at everything they decide to do, great cook,Sheldon Cooper smart, nice with animals. Perfect people don't exist, so why would you write one?

8. Instalove. This one speaks for itself.

9. Good parents portrayed as bad parents. When the main characters parents are pretty normal and nice but every time they are mentioned or do something they are bashed. Most parents want whats best for you so they are not going to like the friend or special someone that is on drugs and always nice no matter how nice when they are sober, just like they are most likely to believe that you may have a psychological problem than thinking you have the power to kill people just by thinking you want someone dead.

10. Cliffhangers. Especially if I  have to wait more than a year for the next book.

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caitstruelife on 2 de octubre de 2013, 17:21 dijo...

I hate cheaters and it seems like every adult books ive been reading lately theres a cheater.
here is mine

Paulina Jiménez Goncen on 2 de octubre de 2013, 17:55 dijo...

I know, and the worst part is that the author makes it look like it's an ok thing to do!

lillylilac on 7 de octubre de 2013, 0:50 dijo...

Great list. The points about the parents I agree with so much it bothers me that so many YA novels like to pretend that it's normal to barely ever see your parents which is far from true and I hate it when in these same kind of books when parents are like really parents the main characters act like their being bad parents when they're clearly just looking out for their child's best interest. For those reason I get really excited when a series actually handle parent child relationships well.

I also hate cheating and I really don't get why it's so common in fiction and the whole rudeness/stubbornness as strength bothers me a lot as well especially because it acts like being smart about things and holding your tongue when around enemies is a sign of weakness when it is really a sign of either smartness or strength. The perfect main character thing annoys me as well but that's honestly mostly because those characters are often pretty mean and ungrateful towards their love ones.

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