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Tent City by Kelly Van Hull Review

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Title: Tent City 
Author: Kelly Van Hull 
Series: Tent City #1
Pages: 266
Date Published: March 27th 2013

After a devastating plague, introverted 17-year-old Dani Campbell and her family find themselves living in a very different America, one run by a cult-like leader, who forces children to move to "safety camps" designed to protect the human race. Encouraged to flee by her parents, Dani and her five-year-old brother seek refuge in the Black Hills of South Dakota. On the run with danger around every corner, Dani must fight to ensure their survival in this new world while trying to unmask the mystery of how it all came to be.

**I received this book in exchange for an honest review**

This is one of those books that you to read not knowing what to expect of it and after finishing it you  just can't  help thinking, where have you been my whole life?

The story start in a US that is falling apart after a plague of biblical proportions the new goverment decides all the young people are to be sent to "safety" camps 17 year old Dani Campbell's parents ask her to take her little Brody to the family cabin so they won't be separated, Dani agrees to the plan but asks to take her best friend Kit. After some problems they arrive to the cabins only to realize that they are now converted to a refuge for young adults called Tent City and the fight for survival begins.

The Good

-The character growth especially Kit and Dani. At the beginning Dani was just a girl that got thrown into the wild but with time she noticed that she had to step up her game so she went and got help and learned how to defend herself and others. As for Kit at first she was a typical teenage girl and didn't seem to take the situatuion seriously but once she got to Tent City I felt like she had matured very much.

-The whole idea of Tent City was very original and very well executed.

-Bentley. He is hands down my favorite character, the way he ran Tent City with responsability but he never was cruel. I don't know what it is about him but I hope he wins Dani's heart in the end.

The Bad

-I wish we knew more about the General and the camps. They seemed so interesting.

- For a smart girl Dani could be very clueless at times, especially when it came to Bentley's feelings for her. 


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