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Mini Review: Sentinel by Joshua Winning

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Title: Sentinel
Author: Joshua Winning
Series: Sentinel Trilogy
Pages: 255
Date Published: May 1st 2013
Who are the Sentinels? They’re everywhere, but you've never seen them. The Sentinels are the world’s best-kept secret, but that secret’s about to come out… Are you ready for it?​

A dark fantasy set in Cambridge, Sentinel is the first installment in the thrilling Sentinel Trilogy, which takes place in a world that everybody knows, but few would recognize  Who are the Sentinels? Who is the mysterious godmother? And why is fifteen-year-old Nicholas Hallow able to sense things that others can’t? Filled with action and mystery, Sentinel takes the reader on a whirlwind adventure with unconventional heroes and a little bit of magic.

I had a very hard time reading this book, I really wanted to like it since I had heard very good things about it and the premise was amazing.
I loved the first chapters the pace was great but around chapter three the book got so slow that by the time I finished it I had zero interest in it.
I felt that a lot of scenes could have been deleted since they were only fillers ans made an already slow book more tedious to read.
None of the characters stood out to me, not Nicholas (who gets over their parents death so fast), not Liberty, not Sam even when the previous two were out hunting demons. The character I most liked was the lady trapped in the cats body and even she was kind of forgettable.
It felt strange to me that all the Sentinels knew that Nicholas was special but they left him on his own most of the time and didn't tell him anything, I understand that sentinel training starts at sixteen, but if the demons are getting so strong and you have a "special" future sentinel, there is nothing wrong with starting training a few months ahead of schedule.
Although I didn't like the book my brother (age ten) loved it. Because of this I'm giving this book the benefit of the doubt and recommending this book to younger readers and not to people who enjoy Young Adult books. 

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