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Super Six Sunday (2)

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Super Six Sunday is an original bookish meme created from Bewitched Bookworms and inspired by “Top Ten Tuesday” from The Broke and The Bookish 

This weeks feature is books that scared you, please note that I will include Books that scared me when I was a kid.

A few yeas ago there was a huge epidemic of H1N1 influenza in Mexico City (where I live), the outbreak was so severe the city basically shut down there was no school, everything was closed and although we could leave our houses it was recommended we didn't. The book has a similar situation in the book and it was so well written it reminded me of my own experience so I was really freaked out while reading this book.

I read Dracula for the first time when I was 8 and it scared me so much I slept in my parents bed for a week.

When I was in elementary school you had to have the Goosebumps series by R. L. Stine and I was no exception, at the time these books were the most scary books in my shelf.

After reading this book creeped me out so much that I got rid of some of my dolls that had button eyes.

One of my biggest fears ever is to be in a plane crash,  so this book has it and what my happen after my fear is realized.

I love Lovecraft's style, never read him if you are home alone or if you live in an old house. He also taught me if I inherit an old house from a distant relative sell it and never set a foot in it.

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