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Top Ten Tuesday (65): Top Ten Tuesday Freebie

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Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted at The Broke and The Bookish.  Each week a new top ten list is posted, and to participate all you have to do is fill in YOUR top ten for the list.

Ten Things I don't Want To See Anymore in Books

1) Love Triangles: I know that you can fall in love many times but does it always have to be with two people at the same time?

2)Absent Parents: How do parents don't notice that their kids are missing? 

3) Special Snowflake Main Character: The reason I loved Katiniss was because she was a normal girl, the things that set her apart were things she had worked for; not being a character with skills/magic ability that no one else has. Another case I hate is when the heroine is not like other girls (I just hate that phrase).

4)Dystopias: I think that YA especially is saturated with them right now and that a break is needed, like when everyone was crazy about vampires.

5)Authors expanding series too much: Sometimes series need to end, no matter how popular the series, I rather only have three well written books than get three more books that are lazily written.

6)Cover changes halfway through a series: I love when my covers match so authors need to commit to a design so my bookshelves can look pretty.

7) Authors bashing reviewers: No book is going to be loved by everyone and some people will post online that they didn't like certain book; authors need to learn to respect that and that if you attack reviewers your not going to make people like your book.

8) Summaries that start with: For fans of -insert popular book-: Each book is unique and it doesn't need to be compared to others to attract readers.

9)Lack of communication: I understand this in some YA and NA books since the main characters are still young but when it's in adult relationships it frustrates me a lot.

10) Bad Translations: I speak can only speak/read tow languages: Spanish and English, so sometimes when I'm reading in English and a character will speak awful Spanish, this baffles me don't editors have translators that aren't Google? I cringe every time Cassandra Clare's Raphael Santiago "speaks" in Spanish. When I read books written in Spanish and there are phrases in English they are very well translated so it bothers me that books in English don't check these things. I don't know about other languages but I've heard that it has happened.

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Maggie Seagraves on 18 de mayo de 2015, 22:00 dijo...

I HATE it when I get stuck having to buy the new cover version of a book, mainly if it ends up being a movie tie-in! Great topic idea! Happy reading! :)

Chrissi Reads on 19 de mayo de 2015, 0:04 dijo...

Oh yes. I'm totally with you with covers changing mid series. That's so frustrating! Great topic!

Emily Seals on 19 de mayo de 2015, 0:21 dijo...

YES. To all of this. Amen.


Jess Gofton on 19 de mayo de 2015, 3:35 dijo...

Literally everything you just said, I agree with. I'm sick of love triangles, too, in fact I rarely pick up a book now if I know there's a love triangle in it, and everything else you said is spot on, too. Sometimes a book doesn't have to be the first in a series, and like you I'm sick and tired of reading about super special snowflakes. Great list!

Danni Mae on 19 de mayo de 2015, 3:53 dijo...

Compleeeetely agree with number one, and definitely number eight. I recently reviewed The Silent Wife on goodreads that was said to be like Gone Girl, but it was the opposite in virtually every way! Didn't even have the same feel. No two books are going to read the same so it's only harmful to a book to compare it to another popular one. Anyways, great blog! I'm following you now via feedly.

debnance dijo...

Hope book publishers and authors are listening!

Here's mine: Best Moving-and-Starting-Over Books!

Jo Elliott dijo...

I hate love triangles, I'm so sick of them! In fact, why does a female protagonist automatically have to be paired off with a male? It really irritates me, not to say that I don't like romance in books, I do, but I could do with less of it. I don't mind absent parents so much, because if the parents aren't important to the story, then I'd rather they not be thrown in there just for the sake of saying "look this kid has parents!". The special snowflake thing peeves me off too. I disagree on the dystopias though, simply because I love that genre, so the more of them that I can read the better! Yes, authors expanding the series too much sucks, they should just write until there is a natural end and not force more story when there isn't one there (having said that, I hate it when authors squeeze a story into a trilogy and leave loads of loose ends). Yup, cover changes annoy me too, especially when the book is turned into a movie and you have to get the movie version of the cover! I like all my covers to match. I don't mind the "for fan of-" because I find it's generally true but it is annoying that a book has to be compared to a popular one to attract readers, if it's a good book (and these books generally are), they should be able to stand on their own merits. Sorry, this was very long and rambly, but great list!

Rose on 19 de mayo de 2015, 7:58 dijo...

#6 drives me nutty! My poor DARK TOWER collection is just killing me, all mix-matched and half-and-half.

I agree about the other stuff, too - especially the love triangles. Unless that love triangle ends up as a poly relationship, we've probably read it before.

Nikki on 19 de mayo de 2015, 14:11 dijo...

Gah, I agree so much on #6! It's just infuriating, especially when the original cover designs are better.

My post.

Paulina on 24 de mayo de 2015, 17:43 dijo...

Sadly my budget doesn't allow me to replace many mismatched covers so my shelves are horribly mismatched.

Paulina on 24 de mayo de 2015, 17:47 dijo...

Thanks:) Something else that annoys me is the different size between formats.

Paulina on 24 de mayo de 2015, 17:47 dijo...

Thanks for stopping by!

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