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Incomplete Reads: The Lucky Ones by Anna Godbersen

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Title: The Lucky Ones
Series: Bright Young Things #3
Author: Anna Godbersen
Date Published:November 27th 2012

Publisher: Harper Collins

Bright Young Things by Anna Godbersen, author of the bestselling Luxe series, introduced the girls of 1929, girls with big dreams and big secrets in the big city of Manhattan during the Jazz Age. Each girl had a different fate. One would marry. One would find fame. And one would die.
Lucky Ones, the thrilling conclusion to the glamorous Bright Young Things series, reveals the destinies of Broadway baby Letty Larkspur, bootlegger’s daughter Cordelia Grey, and flapper Astrid Donal.
Letty’s dream of fame is within her reach. Cordelia is the midst of a whirlwind romance with celebrity pilot Max Darby. Socialite Astrid is a new bride. But secrets and scandals could destroy their happiness as the last summer of the 1920s reaches its peak.

Usually when I don't finish a book two things can happen if I didn't read more than half I don't really talk about it on my blog if I read more than half I try to review it, this time I'm following Nikki from "There Were Books Involved" DNF Q & A

Did you really give The Lucky Ones a chance?

According to my Kindle I read 78% of the book so I think I did.
Have you enjoyed other books of the same genre?

Yes, I really enjoy historical fiction books, although this was the first book I've read that is set in the Prohibition era.
Had you been looking forward to this book in particular? Why?

Yes! I really enjoyed the previous two books in the series so I was very excited to see how the series ended.
Did you have certain expectations for the book before starting it?
I have to admit that I did, since in the first book told me in the prologue that one of the main characters would die, I had a pretty good idea of which one would but I wanted to see if it was only a bait.
What ultimately made you stop reading?

There were three main characters Astrid, Letty and Cordelia I've always liked Cordelia since the first book Astrid and I had a mixed relationship and I've never liked Letty, sadly in this book there was too much Letty who was still acting like a naive small town girl and Astrid was getting annoying always complaining how her marriage was not what she imagined. 
Was there anything you liked about The Lucky Ones?

Yes, throughout the series Cordelia's storyline has always been incredibly interesting and this book didn't disappoint, it focused on her role in her family's bootlegging business and her relationship with Max Darby, a young man of African-American descent.
Would you read any other books by this author?
Yes, this is actually the second series I've read by Anna Godbersen and I really like her style of writing.
So you DNF’d the book – but would you still recommend it to anyone?
Yeah, the series overall is a very good one, I think that I personally will have to be in a certain mood to finish this series

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