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Have you ever been inspired by a book character to do something? Who was the character and what was it? 

Yes, I've been inspired by many characters but the first one I can remember is Ramona Quimby.

Someone gave me "Ramona Quimby, Age 8" when I turned eight and I started singing my name Paulina Jiménez, Age 8 for a everything until I turned nine, anyone that made me mad or annoyed me was automatically called Yard Ape and my parents had to buy me those pearly pink erasers because those were the erasers Ramona used.

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Aditi Saha dijo...

Wow, that sounds nice and inspiring as a kid, do check out my FF: http://bookstopcorner.blogspot.in/2015/03/feature-follow-5-favorite-inspiring.html
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nikita aka njkinny on 19 de marzo de 2015, 23:25 dijo...

Aww..So cool...Now I think I will go and checkout Ramona! :)

Old follower


-Nikita @Njkinny's World of Books & Stuff

Paul (Audiobook Reviewer) on 20 de marzo de 2015, 5:32 dijo...

Hi, followed! Here is my FF

Jen @ Book Avid on 20 de marzo de 2015, 8:54 dijo...

Following you via BL now!! =)

Here's my FF

-Jen @ The Bookavid

Lisa Marie on 20 de marzo de 2015, 9:21 dijo...

heh, heh! Cute!

Old follower :)

Here's my Follow Friday!

StinaMadsMN dijo...

Cute story!

Old follower.

My FF: http://onceuntold.blogspot.com/2015/03/feature-follow-friday-inspiration-from.html

BookCupid dijo...

Lol @yard ape. The other kids must have been so confused. My FF

asteriskpearl on 20 de marzo de 2015, 23:41 dijo...

Hahaha!! Awesome story!! (:

Old follower!

Here's my FF!

Kate on 21 de marzo de 2015, 11:31 dijo...

Brilliant. After reading 'The Secret Diaries of Adrian Mole (Aged 13 3/4) I started doing much the same :)

Regular follower xx


Paulina on 21 de marzo de 2015, 15:28 dijo...

Thanks for stopping by!

Paulina on 21 de marzo de 2015, 15:33 dijo...

It's an amazing series for little girls growing up but I still enjoy reading it now that I'm in my 20's.
Thanks for stopping by:)

Paulina on 21 de marzo de 2015, 15:38 dijo...

Thanks for stopping by and following!

Paulina on 21 de marzo de 2015, 15:38 dijo...

My classmates got it but my parents certainly wondered were the "age eight" came from, my teacher found it very funny!

Paulina on 21 de marzo de 2015, 15:39 dijo...

Thanks! My parents still tease me about it sometimes.

Cayt Landis dijo...

I don't think I ever read any of those books, surprisingly.

Old follower!

Paulina on 23 de marzo de 2015, 12:03 dijo...

They are considered for children but I still like rereading them because I remember the things I did at that age. Thanks for stopping by:)

Shannon R. dijo...

LOL on "yard ape"! I love it!! Old follower.

Shannon @ The Tale Temptress

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