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6 Reader Problems

Publicado por Paulina J. en 21:30

1) The person you len't your book to lost it and doesn't understand why it won't be the same if you buy a new copy. Do people not understand that I have memories memories with my books.

2) The publishing company is changing the covers mid-series or they are adding the TV show/movie cover.

3) When you love a book but you find out that the author is a horrible person. This seems to be more common with the rise of social media.

4) When the book you have been anxiously waiting for hasn't been released in your country and when it finally gets there you only find the translated version and it sucks.

5) You can't understand why publishing companies can't agree on the size of books, they all seem pretty mismatched on you bookshelf.

6) Reading Slumps, there is nothing worse than not liking anything you star reading.

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