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Top Ten Tuesday (11)

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Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted at The Broke and The Bookish.  Each week a new top ten list is posted, and to participate all you have to do is fill in YOUR top ten for the list.
This week the topic is:
Top Ten Things on my Reading WishList

1) Authors not taking so long to publish their books.

I get that writing a book takes time but I’ve been waiting for over a year for “City of Heavenly Fire” and I lost track for how long I’ve waited for a new book by George R. R. Martin.

2) Alternate History

I love when someone takes a historical event and changes the outcome of history.

3) Better Second Books

I’m sick of the second books in series being about the main character going on some kind of journey; I hate it even more if the journey is used to introduce a love triangle.

4) Original Authors

Many times I’ve read a book that reminds me of another book a little too much, it’s ok to be inspired by someone else’s work but it’s not ok to practically steal the plot and change the names of the characters and a few plot details.

5) More fairytale retellings

These are one of my favorite books and the world needs more of these.

6) Better LGBT Characters

I have no problem with a character not being straight; my problem comes when the character does nothing for the plot, they are normally there to be the quirky, funny best friend when they can be so much more.

7) Better Relationship Building

No more insta love, it’s not necessary to say I love you in the second week of the relationship. Authors take your time!

8) Less Love Triangles

I think I like it better when there are just two people in love, they can have ups and downs in their relationship but it doesn’t always have to involve someone loving two people at the same time

9) Time Travel

One of my favorite plots; especially if the main character travels to the past.

10) More geographic diversity

I get that most YA authors are American so their books are set in the US, but they can also do some research and write a book taking place in another country

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Kimi @ Geeky Chiquitas on 21 de enero de 2014, 10:13 dijo...

I so agree about the better lgbt characters! I wish they would become real people not just cardboard cut out stereotypes.
And time travel is a great idea! Like Doctor Who!


Katie on 21 de enero de 2014, 15:28 dijo...

It would be interesting to read a time travel book where what the characters do in the past actually impacts the future! I feel like this is always hinted at, but it never actually happens. Nice list!
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Reviews from a Bookworm on 22 de enero de 2014, 15:47 dijo...

Great list! Yes, a million times yes to there being no more instalove in books, I am really sick of that. And I think we would all love if authors could write books a lot quicker! I have no idea what it is with second books and kind of sucking all the time. Great picks!

My TTT :)

Amanda Gray on 23 de enero de 2014, 5:26 dijo...

This is a great list! Fairytale Retellings and less I love you's in two weeks would be fantastic, I agree! :D

Top Ten Tuesday: Reading Wishlist

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