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The Girly girl Vs the Tomboy

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Most YA novels I’ve read since I discovered the genre feature a young girl that is 16 shy, pretty but doesn’t know it, she loves to read, is introverted and does not care about hair, makeup or clothes. I have no problem with this type of girls most of the time this is how people describe me; what I have a problem with is when the heroine of the book meets a girl that seems confident and that clearly likes clothes hair and makeup she is always the villain, an airhead, slut (this one bothers me the most) or fake; the thing that bothers me is that most of the time the “tomboy” main character just met the “girly girl” and she instantly hates her. This started bothering me after tutoring some girls ages 10-14 and the ten year old didn’t want to wear anything pink anymore because it would make her dumb, when I asked her who told her that she told me that all her favorite heroines thought pink was stupid and that all the mean girls wore pink; the other girls made similar comments about wearing dresses and skirts and how they felt it was wrong to care about these things  because they felt that in TV and movies the bully is always the girl that cares about fashion and the hero is always a girl that likes simple clothes. After I got home and going through my shelf and Kindle I realized that this was true and that most of the time the main character didn’t even know the girl and she already judged her as an inferior person or they have a fashionable best friend that is responsible for their low self esteem and most of the time the friend turns out to be a backstabber.
There is nothing wrong with not caring about outer beauty but there is nothing wrong  with caring about how you look either, how you dress does not affect your intelligence or your personality, the only thing that chooses what type of person you are is you. There are girls that only wear jeans and t-shirts that are lovely and fun to hang around but there are also girls that wear jeans and t-shirts that are bullies and just mean. We also have the other end of the spectrum girls that love hair makeup and clothes that are lovely and fun to be around and there are also spectrum girls that love hair makeup and clothes that are bullies and just mean. I can tell you that wearing a dress never made me smarter or a better person but it didn’t make me a stupid horrible person either but then again neither did jeans or sweatpants.
I get that authors want to show that you should not be judged by not following fashion but I think it also goes both ways if you don’t want to be judged for not caring about fashion you shouldn’t judge the people who do care about it because of you do the I’m sorry but you are a hypocrite.
Once again I would just like to say that if you wear pink good for you, if you wear black good for you, you like to wear short skirts and tiny dresses?? If it makes you happy then keep wearing them. Do you like to wear football jerseys and tennis shoes? Keep wearing them.  You can be a Tomboy that is best friends with a Girly Girl and there is nothing wrong with it.

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