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Mini Review: Token by Ryan Gressett

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Title: Token
Author: Ryan Gressett
Series: Token Chronicles #1
Pages: 200
Date Published: October 11th 2013

Fifteen-year old Kincaid (oft referred to as Trainee 15892 by the controlling entities of his Island) has never had a birthday party. He has never indulged in cake, cookies, or other scrumptious treats. He has never met his parents. He has not had what one would call a normal upbringing. Sold into bondage as a child, just as every other Trainee on the Hawk Islands, Kincaid has been raised from infancy into young manhood cast away from the war-ravaged mainland of Knav (a war his parents helped ignite). He has been strictly trained and even jolted for one sole purpose: to mold himself into the perfect Token, an obedient and ever-serving slave meant to conform to every expectation of the select Elitists of the country. Upon reaching his sixteenth birthday, there will be no sweet party, but he will, instead, become eligible to be sold as a Token at auction to the highest bidder. 

But life is not all doom and gloom on the sun-drenched Hawk Islands. Kincaid has a family of hundreds of brothers and sisters on the Island. Most importantly, he has found the love of his life in the captivating young Hadley. But when Hadley is unprecedentedly sold months early at auction, Kincaid’s world is turned upside down as he prepares himself to do anything to get her back. On his journey to find her, Kincaid begins to slowly discover the heroic and troubled secrets of his family’s past. His path back to Hadley runs straight through embracing his birthright and accepting his unlikely destiny as the Savior of Knav.

*I received a free copy from the author*

First of all I would like to say that I still can’t believe this is the author’s debut novel, the book has everything a good dystopian novel needs.

Token captures your attention right from the start, the prologue was so well written that I now need a prequel that tells the story of Kincaid’s parents; things keep getting better in the next chapters. The book has a great pace, it didn’t have parts that dragged for too long and the conflicts were resolved very well.

I loved Kincaid at times I forgot he was a teenage boy, yes he had faults and there were times I wanted to smack him, still considering all the things he was going through he handled things really well.

My only complaint with the book would be that I would have enjoyed knowing more things about Kincaid’s life in the Island, it sounded so interesting and what little slices of life that we got were my favorite parts of the book.

*Thanks again to Ryan Gressett for letting me enjoy her work*


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