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School Planner Organization

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Like I mentioned in an earlier post I have  school exclusive planner so I won't get other things mixed up. I used to write my homework wherever it occurred to me and until last year I didn't realize how much it affected me, so after a few internet searches I found a system that worked pretty well for me.

1. The first page always includes the Key that explains the color codes, and meaning of the bullets I use in my planner. I tend to have this pretty memorized but it always helps to have it on hand

2. My class schedule. It's always useful for the first few weeks of school when you don't have all your classes memorized.

3. A 24 hour schedule so I can have an idea of how my days work

4. A calendar  of the entire semester.

5. A monthly divider and monthly calendars that includes important dates. Usually tuition due dates, holidays, exam dates etc.

6. Weekly  overview: includes daily due-dates, a habit tracker, space for to do list and a small space for inspirational quotes,

7. My weekly reading chart. So I don't forget what I'm supposed to be reading.

8. A page for each day of the week. On the left side write the assignment and on the right a post it that includes all the details of the assignment

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