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My Note-taking sistem

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1. I Personally prefer  to takes notes on paper, I tried to do it on my laptop and it was just a horrible jumbled mess but feel free to use the method that works best for you

2. For class I have a pad or notebook,and I just write notes without caring for any time of order they just need to have the information I need. I like to consider these my first draft.

3. On the weekends I rewrite my notes into a "final version", although I'm  visual learner I prefer my notes to be simple Titles in red, subtitles in blue, overall information in black, additional note doubts I have are written in green

4. When I do revisions I do go all out with different colored pens, mind maps stickers, whatever helps understand the information I'm studying.

5. At the end of the semester I transfer my notes to Microsoft OneNote so I'll have them with me and the paper version can get recycled so it won't take up space in my room.

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