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Getting Ready for the Semester

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Since my semester just started I decided to share some tips that will make school life a lot easier.

I'm super scattered brained  so if I'm not super organized and color code, write everything down I simply forget about it.

1)Print out your class schedule and assign a specific color to every class. 

My school makes us go to the student services offices and sign a copy that says I agree with how my classes are arranged.  

2) Buy all the supplies you need, each person has different needs but make sure that you have the basics: pens, pencils, a notebook and an eraser.

This is actually my favourite part of the whole back to school process.

3) Get a planner exclusively for homework, unless you have superhuman memory you will probably  forget certain details or due dates  that can affect your grades. 

Like I said at the beginning if I don't write it down chances are that I'll forget to do it.

4) Research different note taking and studying methods, in the world of the internet there are many different resources that will help you understand your classes better, wether it's an app for your phone/tablet ora printable you can write on it doesn't matter as long as it helps you learn. 

Studyblrs are great for this, also the amount of motivation I get from these blogs is amazing

5) Make a small care package for your backpack that includes toilet paper, aspirin, tampons, an umbrella and some loose change.

My number one rule for College is to expect the unexpected, these little packages can save your day,

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