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External Force by Deborah Rix Review

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Title:  External Forces
Author: Deborah Rix
Series: The Laws of Motion#1
Pages: 268
Date Published: September 13 2013
Publisher: Dime Store Books

*I recieved this book in exchange for an hosest Review*

It’s 100 years since the Genetic Integrity Act was passed and America closed its borders to prevent genetic contamination. Now only the enemy, dysgenic Deviants, remain beyond the heavily guarded border. The Department of Evolution carefully guides the creation of each generation and deviations from the divine plan are not permitted.

I love anyhing dystopian but lately I feel that there is nothing new in the genre, hoewver after reading this book my faith in YA/NA authors was restored. At first I was a bit worried about the religion/science premise but Deborah Rix handled it very nicely. 

The Pros:

-The Devotees were very interesting, I wish there had been more of them.

- I loved the world building. Mixing religion with science especially when it's done right, like in this case, makes an interesting background.

-Jess was a great character, smart, funny, caring but not a perfect cookie cutter heroine.

-I liked that Jess's friends and how they were always looking after her as well as telling her when she was doing something wrong.

-Jess's deviation was awesome.

-The love interest wasn't the reason Jess started to rebel, she started doing it before

The Cons:

-Some scenes reminded me of Divergent, this book is awesome on it's own, it didn't need scenes like the one with the knife throwing.

-The book opens with Jess experiencing her deviation for the first time but then it's mentioned only lightly.

-There were times the book lost my attentin. Some parts dragged a little bit

I really enjoyed this book, nice breath of frsh air,it's great for people who enjoy reading about Dystopias.


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