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Between Two Kings by Olivia Longueville Review

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Title: Between Two Kings
Series: The Queen of Two Kingdoms
Author: Olivia Longueville
Date Published:November 15th 2015

Publisher: MadeGlobal Publishing

Anne Boleyn is accused of adultery and imprisoned in the Tower. The very next day she is due to be executed at the hand of a swordsman. Nothing can change the tragic outcome. England will have a new queen before the month is out. And yet…

What if events conspired against Henry VIII and his plans to take a new wife? What if there were things that even Thomas Cromwell couldn’t control, things which would make it impossible for history to go to plan?

The year is 1536.
History is about to be changed forever. 
The old Anne Boleyn is dead.
The new Anne is a cold and calculating woman.
Between Two Kings. 

Things I liked:

I have been following this story for years back when it was being posted chapter by chapter on FanFiction.net

I certainly enjoyed being able to read the book in one sitting instead of irregular updates but why did they have to make this a series instead of a standalone but oh well.

I find Anne Boleyn fascinating but most books detail her downfall or how she caught the eye of Henry VIII but a book that actually has her survive and getting revenge on Henry?? Give it to me already

Things I didn't like:

-There were a few editing mistakes here and there and some of the words were a bit too modern and sounded weird when I read considering the time period.

Not a complaint but I did miss the little author notes  I got at the end of the chapters back when this was a fanfic because the author's insight was amazing. You should definitely check out her Tumblr.

Final Rating

 photo rating_zpsnhtrqt63.png  photo rating_zpsnhtrqt63.png  photo rating_zpsnhtrqt63.png  photo rating_zpsnhtrqt63.png

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