jueves, 7 de julio de 2016

Apps that make me productive

Publicado por Paulina J. en 21:30
I have the attention span of a newborn most of the time thankfully there are other like me and they recommended a bunch of apps to help me be more productive, so now I'm sharing a list of the ones I use the most.

 This OS app block all the websites you tell it to. You can block it from 15 minutes to a day, if you are like me that gets distracted easily you definitely needs this.

 This one helps you organize your research, it has saved my life many times when it comes to citing works.

At first I thought this was an overly complicated version of Microsoft word but it syncs with all your devices plus it's incredibly easy to use.

This chrome extension lets you make to do lists, has a clock plus a built in pomodoro timer, it also features pretty backgrounds.

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