jueves, 14 de abril de 2016

Five Reasons to Visit Mexico City

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1)It's the New York Times #1 city to visit in 2016!

2)The food is awesome, it's even a world heritage. I have to warn you if you do try it go easy some  of the classic dishes can be hard on the stomach.

3)Plenty of cheap museums. Most of the museums are pretty inexpensive compared to the ones I've been to in the states just don't forget the free days are not applicable to foreigners

4)Although traffic is hectic out public transportation is incredibly cheap the most expensive bus ride will cost you six pesos (feel free to do the currency exchange) Cabs can get expensive  but they usually start at 8.50 pesos.

5)I live there:) I'm a born and raised city child, that can be a tour guide plus my dad is an archeologist so if you want to know about pre-hispanic cultures he'll be happy to tell you.

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