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Back to School: Supply Haul

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Although I started Freshman Orientation on Tuesday  classes won't formally start until next Monday, I already went and bough some supplies I need and some I really don't need but bought anyway.

1) Highlighters

My favorites brand is called Foray, this particular pack had six different colors so they are perfect for color coding.

2) Ballpoint Pens

I'm a sucker for pretty notes and these pens, also by Foray, are perfect for making my titles and subtitles look pretty.

3) Gel Pens

I'm not sure for what I'm going to use these but they reminded me of when I was in elementary school and used the for everything.

4) Colored Pens

I'm using these Papermate pens for my blog planner.

These four Bic. pens are another impulsive purchase but I'm sure I'll find a use for them.

5) Pencil cases

The blue plaid one will store all of my colorful pens plus scissors and glue stick; the British inspired one will take care of my basic writing tools.

6) Binder and Planner

A binder for all my notes and a DIY planned, I saw the cover and knew it was for me.

7) Markers

Because my life needs all the color it can get.

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