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Top Ten Tuesday (14)

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Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted at The Broke and The Bookish.  Each week a new top ten list is posted, and to participate all you have to do is fill in YOUR top ten for the list.
This week the topic is:
Top Ten things I love about being a blogger/reader

1) I love book blogging because I can talk about all the books I love and have people actually understand why I'm so obsessed with certain titles.

2)I love reading because I never feel alone. I've moved a lot during my life and in every new place I lived in my books always kept me company.

3)I love blogging because it has helped me discover so many new books and authors.

4)I adore reading because it helps me relax, seriously it has been scientifically proven that reading is more relaxing that listening to music or dinking tea.

5)Blogging has helped me pick up books that are out of my comfort zone

6)If a book I love is turned into a movie I already know what is going to happen and what should have happened if the direcor made any changes.

7)Before I started blogging I had always considered authors as people I would love to meet but never would, I may not have met many authors but the ones I have interacted with  have been so nice.

8)Reading is forever, even if I lost my sight I would still be able to read, if for some reason technology failed books will still be there for me.

9) Reading makes you look good, I have to admit that I love the look on peoples faces when I tell them that I've already read certain books.

10) Book Boys, they are so much better that all the boys I know in real life.

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Michelle Reed on 18 de febrero de 2014, 9:19 dijo...

Great List! Nothing is better than being a reader and book blogger :)
check out my TTT @

chrissireads on 18 de febrero de 2014, 10:55 dijo...

Lovely list :-) I really love being a book blogger/reader too!

Reviews from a Bookworm on 18 de febrero de 2014, 18:04 dijo...

Great picks! I love that there is a whole community who completely get me and my obsession with books - it definitely makes me feel sane! My TTT.

Cait on 18 de febrero de 2014, 19:52 dijo...

Oh, HAHA, okay, I just love your last one. ;) I'm pretty sure that's true. And I didn't know reading was scientifically relaxing! That's interesting. I usually get so worked up while I'm reading.... ;) Here's my TTT!!

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