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Female authors vs Male authors

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Hello everyone, I hope your weekend was better than mine and I hope this week will be amazing!
So I’m an aide in my brother’s school reading program “Building Readers” my job there is basically being a human version of Goodreads; so last week I received an email from a mother complaining that  her daughter has not read any books by a female author and that we should remedy this. The girl’s teacher answered that in this program the students choose what they want to read depending of the week’s theme or if they are participating in certain activities and that the author’s sex is never taken in consideration.
After this email was received we asked the students if they cared wether the person writing a book was a boy or a girl and all the students answered that it had nothing to do with it and one of them asked what someone’s gender had to do with liking a book or not.
I have to admit that this made me wonder about how I pick my books. I never put many thoughts about who wrote what book unless they are one of my favorite authors, 99.99999999% of the time the author has no influence on weather I read a book or not most of the time I decide based on the blurb or the cover; after that if I enjoyed the book then and only then will I look for more books about this author and maybe I will look for their social media sites, but never have I ever chosen a book thinking: oh this book was written by a woman I have to buy it!

So no I really don’t care if you are male, female or neutral when I’m buying your book, your gender will never cross my mind. The conclusion I got from this whole situation was that it’s perfectly all right to read more books by men that by women and that it’s also perfectly fine with reading more books written by women than books written by men; what is not ok is NOT reading books because they were written by women or NOT reading books because they were written by men

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