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Vampire Origins-Project Ichorus by Riley Banks REview

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Title : Vampire Origins-Project Ichorus
Author: Riley Banks
Series: The Strigoi #1

From the Christian Crusades to the war in Afghanistan, the Vampire Origins series seamlessly weaves historical fact with vampire fiction. 

Exploring the origins of five very different vampire tribes - Strigoi, Cambion, Strix, Nosferatu and Bretonnian - the series opens with Book 1 of the Strigoi series; Project Ichorous. 

He slaughtered 30,000 in one night in Jerusalem and impaled 100,000 more in Romania in the 1400s. Now Vlad has discovered a way to enslave humans and rule the world - and this time, the death toll will be catastrophic. 

Only one thing can put an end to his plans - a Strigoi human. And Vlad will stop at nothing to eradicate every last one. 

Scarlett Fraser has no idea she's the very thing Vlad is hunting, or that the castle her dad is renovating is ground zero for Vlad's Ichorous Project and his plans for world domination. 

She can stop Vlad and save the world but she must stay human long enough to do so. 

As Scarlett is about to discover, staying human is a lot easier said than done.

The Story 

Vampire Origins-Project Ichorus is about Scarlett and how she finds herself tangled in vampire affairs. At first I wasn’t sure what to think about this book but I have to say I loved the vampires Riley Banks created.
Scarlett and her family must move to Romania because her dad just scored a job of building a Hotel. Scarlett is one of the two girls in her family and one of four quadruplets, the whole family is very different and Scarlett has trouble getting along with her siblings, especially her younger sister Ruby, who she blames for her mother’s death.
Throughout the story we see how Scarlett’s family becomes involved not only with vampires but also with all types of animal shifters.  Apart from seeing things from Scarlett’s point of view we are told things from the points of view of the other characters.

The Characters 

Scarlett: Is the main character of the story. I loved her, loved her flaws, the way she interacted with friends and family, her emotions. I’m not going to lie she is difficult to like at first since she is a tad rude to everybody especially her sister Ruby, but as the story goes on we are shown that Scarlett just needs her mother and that she hasn’t been able to get over her death.  I think she was written in a very realistic way and the overall development she had in the book.

Lachlan: He is a vampire and one of the bad guys. He was born a vampire not made and was in line for the throne of his clan but he is exiled for turning a human girl into a vampire. 
As a villain I loved Lachlan he is cruel, manipulative, stops at nothing to get what he wants and he has no humanity I was not surprised by this since he has never been human, this last part was the thing that made him so believable as a bad guy he is what he is and nothing and no one is going to change him.
Even though he is a bad guy he is my favorite character.

Alexis and Anastasia: The only remaining members of the Romanov family. The only thing I cans say is that I didn’t expect that but I loved them.

The Writing
Riley Banks tells the story in multiple Points of views. At times it is a bit confusing it shows how every character, no matter how small the part, had a very important part in this story.
The way each character was written was very good, they all had personalities and none of them felt like a filler character. This is my only complaint, since at there are many characters the change of point of view was a bit confusing at the beginning characters were great. This book truly captures my interest immediately since the world building was excellent; all the different types of vampires and shifters are very original.

Final thoughts

I would recommend this book to anyone in need of a good vampire story,  yes there is romance but it’s not the main focus of this story.

Rating: 4.5/5 stars

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